Monday, April 18, 2011

What Sealed The Deal

As the one year anniversary of our current house purchase draws near I am reminded of the journey that led us to where we are today. Choosing a home to purchase is no easy task.  Even though the house structure itself is important,  where the house is located,  your overall lifestyle, pastimes as a family etc., should also be taken into consideration when making a final decision.  After a year of searching (and I mean searching people!!) we ultimately chose this particular house of ours, in a all its 90's pinkness, above countless others because of its proximity to a 100 acre park that sits like an oasis in the midst of endless rows of suburban manicured lawns that surround it. My three boys deem the vast park their very own paradise and  they do not seem to tire of exploring it day after day.  It has been a continuous source of  joy and entertainment for our entire family.

This protected piece of land, with its endless trails, trees, wild grasses and streams as well as numerous sports courts scattered throughout, sealed the deal for us and we have never looked back.

Our daily walks through favorite spots are usually slow and leisurely since the boys insist on examining every single discovery most thoroughly and one of them in particular loves wandering off to pick just the right flower for mama :o)

It is an area where nature is preserved and so wildlife thrives. There are, ahem, shall I say 'many a  critter lurking about'.  The latest discovery? A snake's skin dangling from a branch.  A veritable treasure if you ask my three....

It was of course promptly removed and examined from all angles. 

 In their efforts to convince me to let them carry it home so as to add it to their ever growing collection they actually told  me they thought it would look great as a decoration on our entryway table! What mama can resist such convincing?

Just a friendly reminder to look at the big picture when choosing a home for your family. For us it has made all the difference! 

The above photos remind me of this rhyme...
What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !

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