Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Schoolroom Progress Pictures


This is what the schoolroom looked like on the day we moved in.  The paint on the walls was a pink tinged color (of course!) and I could not wait to whip out my paint roller.  We put many sample swatches on the wall and finally decided on the color Lemon Ice from the Martha Stewart line.

 After painting one wall I began to have second thoughts. The color looked way too bright almost like a neon yellow. I thought that the terrible lighting in the room was probably the culprit (it was nighttime after all) and decided to press on and paint the rest of the room hoping it would look better in the morning. What a mistake!!  The color looked even worse in the daylight.
 The color looks softer and not as bad in the picture above due to lighting but it was really pretty awful . There was no way I could live with that color on the walls so I decided to repaint the room Salt Glaze also by Martha Stewart.  While I was busy painting away my little men were having a blast making knight's armor out of cardboard and aluminum foil.  At one point I almost fell off my ladder when I turned around and saw these two looking at me!

Ahh second time was a charm! Salt Glaze turned out to be the perfect color for the space....

After all the painting was done we ripped out the carpet and put in new flooring.  I also painted the bookshelves and a red ikea table we had simply white 
(a Benjamin Moore color). You can find a tutorial explaining the process I used to do that here.


Since we are still in the process of finishing this room this is not an after picture but more of a "progress made so far" picture.  I need to put up the roman shade that will hide the gorgeous meter right outside the window.  I also need to arrange the books and other items on the shelves and hang the map and artwork on the walls.

After  so far......

On the other side of the room there is a closet with double doors.
We though it would be perfect for stashing books and other homeschooling material. A just close the door on the chaos kinda thing. So hubby made shelves..  

Here they are all painted and filled up....
and lest I discourage any homeschooling mother out there with pictures of pristine homeschooling areas this is what the table looked like tonight!
Ouch! Just keeping it real :)!  After Pics coming soon...
You can see a makeover of  my boy's play area with complete before and afters  here!


Stacy said...

Beautiful Belk. It's bright and cheerful, just how a classroom should be. You did such a wonderful job with the bookcases and I'm totally diggin' the orange accents. Great work, as usual. Love you sis!

Lisa said...

Love the wall color and the makeover you gave your bookcases and table. I really like the pull handles on the bookcases. I want to use those for my drawers in the kitchen. If you ever get bored and need a place to release those creative juices, my house is available. :)

Cheryl said...

We used to homeschool many moons ago and i would always dream up a dedicated space to have our school. We never really made one. Always used the dining room table. Your space looks lovely so far. Just became a follower so looking forward to seeing the after pics. : )