Thursday, April 14, 2011

Painting On My Mind

What originally started out as a simple entryway makeover has spilled over and turned into a bigger "decorate the the entire space" kind of project.  Since our front door opens right into a large area that serves as our front living and dining room,  decorating the entryway also means looking at the rest of the space and making sure it all flows well.  Right now I am tackling our 60" round dining table.
I have it covered with a tablecloth because the table top surface is not in the greatest condition.  This is what is under that tablecloth .....
 Not only is the table scuffed up the stain is also too dark and it does not blend well with the buffet.  I want to paint it creamy white and think that it would look great against the dark floors and buffet. I have been looking at these two images for inspiration.  Any suggestions welcome!!

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