Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring's Temptations

I am currently working on creating a gallery wall in the dining room and am in the middle of doing some arranging on the floor to get a feel for what I want.  

The entryway still looks like this, far from finished.....

I must confess it is hard to get these projects done with nature, in all its spring glory, constantly beckoning me outdoors. I have not been able to resist lately and have spent most of my afternoons biking with my men ...
kite flying at sunset
and cheering on the sidelines at the basketball court ;)

I will hopefully finish a few projects this coming week and have pictures for you soon.


Stacy said...

Spring...what is that? We've gotten 5 inches of snow this week, along with sleet, hail, and rain. It's been below freezing, there are no leaves on the trees, and everything is bare and desolate. WINTER, winter...GO AWAY! (don't come back till December when we will enjoy your white powdery bliss once again) Spring is nowhere to be found up here. SPRING? WHERE ARE YOU?? (*utter and complete silence*) Nope, can't find it. Love you! :o) By the way, got the white mirror and ..WOW! Stunning! Thanks for your advice.

Lisa said...

I can't wait to see how your gallery wall turns out. I have taken a real liking to these lately. I see them all the time on different blogs. I'm sure it will come out wonderful since you have a knack for home design. :)
My kids have also not been able to resist the temptations of this Spring weather. Well up until this week's cold front that is. I love Spring but it always reminds me that Summer is just ahead and that is one season I think I can do without sometimes. LOL