Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Distractions Outside My Window

Adorning the streets of my neighborhood this week are rows of beautiful pear trees in full bloom. I am fortunate to have a large elegant one right outside my living room window and every time I pass it by I cannot help but pause briefly to enjoy it's exquisiteness , it's beauty takes my breath away.
To think that just last week those trees stood bare, having been stripped of their enchanting blooms by winter's bitter cold winds and today they stand regally, clothed  once again in white allurement.  It reminds me of how our lives in the hands of a loving God are like those trees in so many ways. The harsh winters of our trials threaten to tear away the loveliness He has wrought  until His mighty powerful hand sweeps in to bring forth the Spring. My dear friend, do you find yourself in the midst of a fiery ordeal today? If so, take comfort in the knowledge that God is faithful and Just and what He has promised He will surely do.

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Elizabeth said...

My goodness! What a GORGEOUS view! I know I'd be looking out my window every five minutes if the view was that beautiful. Just looking at the picture gave me a sense of tranquil happiness that only God's creation can evoke. Very elegantly worded Belky! Thank you for sharing :0)