Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before and After Family/ Living Room

This is what the living/family room looked like before we closed on the house.


This is what it looks like today.


Below is what the fireplace looked like the day we moved in. (Apparently pink and muave were all the rage during the early 90's)


After: (a closer look at the fireplace)

We are so enjoying this room now! All the effort was well worth it. For details on where we purchased the items in this room check out our house tour page. 
If you have a fireplace you would like to remodel come back to the blog soon because I will posting a detailed account of how we did it complete with pictures.
We did not remove any of the fireplace bricks but instead chose to cover them with thin plywood and moldings. Hubby and I have no previous carpentry experience whatsoever so if we did it so can you!
There are still many things to be done in this room but I am glad that the hardest part is over.  I will be hanging curtains panels I bought at Ikea on either side of the door and the window so the roman shade edges will be hidden.  We will also be replacing the door with one that has a full glass panel (to better mimic a window and provide symmetry).  I will post pictures of the changes as they occur.


Lisa said...

A-MA-ZING!!!! Wow! You and Jedrix did such a great job transforming the room. I feel like I'm looking at a picture from a magazine, I love it.You and Stacy always amaze me with your creative styles. I can't wait to see more of what you've done. :)

Stacy said...

BELKY!! Oh my goodness!! I actually gasped! Lol! (sounds dramatic and yet still does not do my reaction justice I tell ya!) Seriously, this looks like it was taken right out of a magazine! I had seen it already when I went for Christmas but I think I'd forgotten how blah the before was. Belk, if you send this before and after to a few popular blogs everyone is going to be blown away by it, I assure you. Everything just comes together so perfectly and the fireplace...Wow! Love it girly and love you too. Thanks so much for posting you've made my week. :o) (that does not mean you should wait a week to post again) --(put up pictures of that chest of drawers I told you about)

Ami at A Sierra Home said...

So, so nice. I just love it and am currently doing EXACTLY the same thing in my suburban home. Phasing out red, adding neutrals and returning to my love of white. I've always loved white and somehow got away from it during that trend of: anything white is not really done. Thanks for inspiration. Especially love the fireplace, awesome transformation.

Robby said...

You're room is SOOOO incredible! Looks like something straight from a pottery barn magazine! Really really impressive! The fireplace also looks ten times better! I keep scanning your photo and everywhere I look I love it!


Jennifer Nicole said...

Just found your room redo over at is fantastic!! You did such a great job. Will definitely be back to see updates!

Simplegirl said...

Wow that is a transformation and I love it! Makes me want to keep my half painted living room white.

Elizabeth said...

Belky! As I was browsing through your photos, I saw the picture of your living room and thought it was an inspirational photo you had found online somewhere or in a magazine. I even told Hilario, "Oh look, this must be what she wants to do with her living room." I had no idea you had already made that a reality! Absolutely breathtaking! Congrats on your beautiful new home.

Crafty Sideup said...

So when can I move in??? OMG..It looks absolutely amazing..jumped right outta pottery barn magazine or what..Phew..breath taking..
Blog hugs,

suzanne said...

For people who don’t have any experience in carpentry, you guys did a terrific job! The after photo looks pretty impressive. What did you do with the lighting? If you’re planning anything in that area, check out They did our lighting needs and I thought their prices were reasonable. And they were a good source for ideas on lighting.