Friday, June 17, 2011

Framed Art For a Child's Room

All three of my children are avid readers (the youngest is an avid listener ha!) so we own many, many books. There are old favorites that I have read to them over and over again throughout the years.  I chose to frame five pages from those favored books and created a (mini) gallery wall.
 I framed a page from  "Good Work, Amelia Bedelia" (one of my favorite stories as a child as well)

One from the book "Madeline and The Bad Hat" ( "Careful, girls, watch your feet" love it!)

One from "The Story of Babar"

One from an all time favorite around here "The Christmas Day Kitten" from The James Herriot's Treasury For Children.

And one page from "Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel"

The boys really liked this idea and we plan to continue adding more pages down the road. The frames are all Ribba from Ikea.

  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Lisa said...

Another great redesign! When I first saw the after picture, I thought it was your inspiration pic. You're a natural when it comes to designing a space. I love the framed book pages. I saw something similar a while back but it was framed book covers. This idea is really cute cause you can personalize it with favorite lines from a book. I really like how you kept the walls white and opted to add color with your accent pieces and stools. Great job Belky!

Anonymous said...

Too sweet! I just had to link this to my childrens rooms post today, for inspiration of course! Well done, your room looks fabulous!

Comeca Jones said...

Ahhh those are the sweetest. All that's missing is curious George and the man with the big yellow hat lol

Desiree said...

So cute and clever framing pages from books! Looks great. I'm your newest follower.

Just B @ Love Where You Live said...

What an adorable play area! I love the bright green of the chalkboard and the framed prints look great. Easy art and a cute idea. :)

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Just saw this great idea on Inspire Me Heather. I love this idea!!

Denise said...

Everything is just great! Love the idea of framing childrens book pages. I will keep this in mind while at thrift shops!
Can you tell me where you got the storage cabinet from? (I assume it has toys in it)

Jedbel @ The Pear Tree Cottage said...

The toy storage is comprised of two Ikea trofast frames that I painted. You can find a direct link to the item if you go to my House Tour tab right below the blog title. The sliding bins that hold the toys are also found at Ikea.
Hope that helps :).


First House on the Right said...

This is one of the loveliest ideas ever. I found your blog via Heather at Inspire Me Heather :) Nicolex

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