Friday, June 3, 2011

That's Life..

Hello all.  My lack of posts lately can be blamed on LIFE and its refusal to stop happening. The whole of the month of May we ran around trying to do all those things that are impossible to enjoy once that stifling Texas summer heat comes barreling in!  We enjoyed games at the ballpark...Go Rangers!
Trips to the zoo (where we were delighted to find a new baby chimp!)  So cute!
We were also surprised to find dinosaurs lurking behind every corner ha!
Two lovely birds that I caught kissing and the beak of a certain duck made me want to paint something in our house the perfect shade of aqua. Yes, design inspiration can be found anywhere, even at your local zoo!
We also visited the museum quite a few times.
Add to the many outings, almost daily walks to the park, lots of homemade popcorn and I love Lucy viewing marathons in the late evenings and you can see why posting has been scarce!

On Monday I decided enough was enough.  I looked my troops straight in the eye (eyes?) and announced that the fun was over.  It was time to finish all those half done projects, like that dining table I was going to paint but only got as far as filling in the scratches with wood filler.
and that gallery wall-to-be ( for a month just pieces of paper taped to the wall)
all the frames from Ikea waiting patiently under the buffet.
Yup it was definitely time to get moving.  Since putting my foot down I have been walking around with a half tired, slightly harried look on my face which causes my kids to ask me repeatedly throughout the day "Are you o.k. mommy? Are you sad or something?" It's hilarious! I have spent the last few days painting like crazy and reassuring my offspring over and over again that I am o.k. . ha! ha! These projects must. get. done. Today I finished priming the table and will be painting it this weekend. Yahoo!
Since I suffer from decor project ADD I went from priming the table to doing something radical to this piece of Ikea Art.

Yup, I covered it with primer.  Soon after buying it I realized it was totally wrong for the breakfast nook hence the primer fest..
 No worries I have a fantabulous idea that will transform it into something better suited for the space. Pictures of all finished projects and some how-to's coming (hopefully) soon!   If you have made it all the way to the end of this really loong post you deserve a reward.  I leave you with this inspiring image. (I chose it because it reminded me of the windows in your living room sis.)
 Have a great weekend!

*if you have the original source for the above pic. please let me know Thanks!


Lisa said...

Glad to see you posted to update us on how you're doing. Looks like you've been having the "fun" kind of busy with your boys. :) Please let me know next time y'all go to the museum again. I still haven't gone for our membership and we'd love to join y'all.
Can't wait to see the end result of the wall gallery and what you came up with for the IKEA art. I already know it will be something great and amazing. :)
Oh, I changed my blog name. You can visit me from now on at

Lisa said...

I love the birds.