Sunday, May 15, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to Paint Your Walls White

Are you afraid to go out on a limb and paint a room (or two or three) in your house white?  I was hesitant at first but decided to take the plunge after realizing that almost all the rooms I had saved on my computer as favorites had white walls!  Here are the top ten that inspired me.

Here is our family room, the first room I ever painted white.  I am in love!

Hmmm.... I wonder which room I should paint white next.

*images from BHG, Country Living,  House Beautiful and The Lettered Cottage


Stacy said...

Belkita, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. I've actually decided to paint the kid's room white for the same reason, all the children's rooms I had saved, that I liked, had white walls. It is scary but your amazing living room gives me the courage that I need to take the plunge! I'll be posting the kid's room inspiration pictures some time in the near future. I love it when you post. I miss you sooooo much. Pray that somehow we can see each other soon. I love you sis.

Lisa said...

I love all these inspiration pics! I've always been reluctant to go with white just because I don't want a room to look boring or unfinished. These pictures show just how to do it in the right way. Not sure which room I'd choose right now to try painting white but now you have ideas brewing in my mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay - I love this post! I've been thinking lately that my living room should be all white. It's got the board and batten on the bottom and the top is beige (yawn), I just need my husband to go out of town so I can "surprise" him AGAIN. Thanks for the post!!!

Lisa said...

White is my favorite color.

Mike Noble said...

Thanks for sharing these inspirations, Jedbel! There’s a lot of reasons to paint your home interior white. Aside from the calm and refreshing atmosphere that it creates, white paint can also make your space look wider and more spacious.

Mike Noble

Ken Turner said...

Those photos are great! Going with white walls is a good choice for the living room, because of the inviting and relaxing ambiance that it brings. So, which rooms did you end up painting white?

Ken Turner